Our Training Services

 Delsie Ku
Policy and Training Coordinator I

Brandon Young
Policy and Training Coordinator I

Objective: Learning – Development – Potential

The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) is aimed at providing training that fosters Learning; Development and Potential.

Learning: challenge yourself

Potential: realizing that your strong will power does bring out the best in you

Development: Acquiring what you need as a person to grow and perform better in your surrounding

Kids Computer Summer Program (July -August)

Children ages 7-13 will learn to

  • play and create educational gamestrimed
  • Learn concepts and interactive programs
  • and most importantly have fun

Educational Tools Include:

  • Kodu Game Lab is used to stimulate children’s creativity to create his own personal games and build a foundation in computer science.
  • Fun games to develop and enhance your child’s areas of interest such as Math, Spelling, Reading and Science etc.

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ICT Training

Our aim is to provide qualified personnel from international accredited institutions to develop your business’  capacity, productivity and performance.

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Corporate Training

Our Training Services include:

  • Microsoft Products ( SharePoint, Vision, Project Management, Excel, Word )
  • Customized Training
  • CMS Training

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