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Meet the Policy and Training Team

Delsie Ku

Policy and Training Coordinator

Brandon Young

Database Administrator I

 Objective: Learning – Development – Potential

The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) is aimed at providing training that fosters Learning, Development, and Potential.


Challenge yourself.


Realizing that your strong will power does bring out the best in you.


Acquiring what you need as a person to grow and perform better in your surrounding.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Formulate and evaluate policies and strategies, including research and analysis in accordance with the organization’s objectives and compliance requirements.
  • Engage CITO Staff in IT professional skills training programs, focusing on addressing skills gaps or upskilling.
  • Facilitate Microsoft Office Skills training courses to public officers and private sector organizations for capacity building on productivity tools.
  • Manage the Pearson Vue Test Center, and administer and proctors a variety of professional certifications and licensing computer-based exams supported by the CITO’s Pearson Vue Authorized Testing Center.
  • Sensitize users about the CITO network, focusing on CITO services, operations, information security policies and compliance, and users’ responsibilities for information security

Previous Accomplishment(s)

  • Training in Microsoft Suite Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for GoB offices such as National Biodiversity Office, Belize Bureau of Standards & CompStat.
  • Complimentary Microsoft Office 365 Suite awareness sessions to GoB offices such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health &Welness, Central Executing Unit (MED), Embassy of Belize in Washington, D.C., Department of Environment.
  • Engaged in a Digital Literacy Program for Older Persons, in collaboration with the National Council of Ageing to primarily guide them how to engage online safely and to increase their confidence in using technology.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Sessions for Treasury Department & Finance Officers.
  • Authorized Pearson Vue Testing Center – In 2020, we started the application and approval process to become a Pearson Vue Test Center. Although the Covid-19 pandemic slowed down the process, in 2021, we were successfully authorized to proctor and deliver leading certification exams, such as CompTIA, Microsoft, & Cisco. Exam proctors are Certified Pearson Vue Administrators, authorized to proctor these computer-based exams.

Current Project(s)

Cyber Security Awareness Program for Public Officers on CITO Network.

Microsoft-delivered Office Apps training for CITO Network Users, coordinated by PTS.

 ICT Training & Corporate Training

Our aim is to provide qualified personnel from international accredited institutions to develop your business’ capacity, productivity and performance.

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