Cyber Security

Meet the Cyber Security Team

Robert Price

Network Security Officer

Kenton Serano

Cyber Security Officer

Herman Moralez

Cyber Security Officer


CITO’s Cyber Security section focuses on the overall physical and logical security of the network, systems, applications, and databases to guard against cyber threats from internal and external threat actors intentionally or unintentionally.

 Roles and Responsibilities

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Formulating and disseminating cyber security awareness.
Monitoring and addressing network, systems, application, and database security alerts.
Integrating security solutions into operations.
Executing vulnerability scanning with remediations.
Performing malware analysis.
Investigating and reporting cyber security incidents.
Reviewing firewall solutions and firewall policies.
Attending to Cloud App Security.
Managing Information Security per international standard.
Ensuring Business continuity.
Ensuring security compliance.
Reviewing access rights.
Reviewing of audit logs.
Reviewing information security controls and making recommendations for new controls.