IT Technician

Meet the IT Technicians Team

Adrian Co

IT Technician I

Donisio Rash

IT Technician I

Larissa Pascascio

IT Technician I

Ernest Wade

IT Technician II

Jahmur Lopez

Temp IT Technician I

Dane Cabb

Temp IT Technician II

 Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot problems within GOB equipment and systems.
  • PC Management & Maintenance.
  • Security Camera Management & Maintenance.
  • Asset Management.
  • Printer Management.
  • CITO Help Desk Support.
  • On-Site Technical Support for Hardware & Software.
  • Provide Technical Advice, Recommendation & Consultancy for device procurement i.e.: Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, peripheral gadgets.
  • Coordination of Network Lines installations.
  • Installation of Network equipment (Switches, Routers, Wi-Fi Access Point).
Maintenance Cleaning Support
Pc Tune Ups
Vacuuming Of System Unit
Data Backup
Driver Updates
Cleaning Monitor & Keyboard
Data Recovery
Operating System Updates
Cable Management
Network Monitoring
Software Updates
Clean & Re-seating of Ram
Remote Support

 Previous Accomplishment(s)

  • Assisted BTL with Xorcom PBX Upgrade.
  • Implementation of SCCM in GOB-WAN.
  • GOB-WAN Windows OS Upgrades.
  • Assisted with Technicalities during ICJ Referendum.
  • Asset Management.
  • Assisted with Relocation of the following offices:
    • Central Health, Belize City
    • Public Utilities, Belmopan
    • Accountant General
    • Magistrate Court, Belize City
    • Belize Tax Service, Belize City
    • Office of the Prime Minister, Belize City

 Current Project(s)

PC Maintenance for Desktops on the GOB-WAN.

Relocation of Assets & Utilities Management Unit.

Preparation of the CITO Sub-Office – a disaster recovery site.