Our Administrative Staff

Shana Wade

Administrative Assistant


Doreth Elijio

Senior Secretary


Areli Ramnarace

ISMS Assistant


Niyah Suazo

Temp. Secretary III


 About the Staff

The Administrative staff is comprised of an Administrative Assistant, the CIO’s Secretary, Secretary III, and a ISMS Assistant who work diligently to ensure CITO operates efficiently and smoothly on a daily basis.

Our Administrative staff is responsible for the general maintenance of the office, which also includes the Sub-Office located upstairs of the Post Office Building. All Human Resource and Administrative matters are key functions of the Administrative Team. This also extends to coordination of events and meetings on behalf of CITO’s management.

The ISMS Assistant is responsible for provide direct support to the IS Coordinator and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in ensuring the efficient operation of CITO’s Information Security Management System. Also, the ISMS Assistant is responsible for the “Check” portion of the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) Model.