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Meet the Smartstream Team

Myrna Waight

Database Administrator I

Christopher Villanueva

Database Administrator I

Rene Mai

Database Administrator I

Tamara Gardiner

Database Administrator III

SmartStream | Overview

SmartStream is the Enterprise Level Application used by the Government of Belize (GoB) for its finance, accounting, personnel and payroll processes.

SmartStream provides a range of solutions for all back-office operations. Providing the right information to the right person at the right time, SmartStream can empower rapid results to maximize efficiency. Its unique enterprise design encapsulates individual tasks associated with a business process into configurable workflows that enable GoB to efficiently automate its processes.

SmartStream’s structure allows for analysis and online drill-down as well as integration between associated activities.

Features Modules

A few of SmartStream’s features include:

  • Active Access for SmartStream – These web-based e-business applications add value by providing total information accessibility, as well as improved communications and workflow, throughout a distributed environment via the Internet.
  • Workflow – In using this technology, SmartStream is able to streamline information and business activities, maximizing performance levels.
  • Integration and drill-down capabilities – SmartStream applications work in tandem to allow for rapid sorting of data and drill-down to specific information.
  • Fast, flexible implementation – SmartStream is very fast and easy to implement as well as simple for everyone to use.
  • Standardized application services – Geac leads the market in maximizing the use of available technology to continually improve its service and provide competitive advantage to customers.
  • Flexible, personalized interfaces – SmartStream can easily be customized to business requirements without having to make changes to the base code. Users can see familiar screens, thereby learning how to use the system’s features and functionality quickly and easily.
  • Technical Architecture – SmartStream’s architecture enables the management of shared tasks in the client/server or web-based environment, whether Microsoft SQL Server™ or Sybase databases are in use. The server component of SmartStream can operate on a wide selection of popular RISC-based computers running Microsoft Windows or UNIX®. Options for integrated email include Microsoft Outlook and other industry standards.

SmartStream Modules currently in use by GoB are:

  1. SmartStream Financials
    • Ledger
    • Payables
    • Funds Control
  2. SmartStream Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • Personnel
  3. SmartStream Financials
    • Payables
    • Purchasing
  4. Active Access for SmartStream
    • EPortal
    • EProcurement – PO Approvals implemented
    • EInvoice Approval

 GICS :: The Government Integrated Cashiering System

Functional authority and responsibility for cash handling activities is vested in the Accountant General’s Office of the Treasury Department. The Treasury delegates this authority to the Finance Officers of the Sub-Treasuries who in turn delegates this authority to the Cashiers of their Sub-Treasury.

The Government Integrated Cashiering System (GICS), a revenue collection and receipting software system, is the Treasury Department’s official cashiering system.

GICS provides a standard approach to the collection of revenue for the Government of Belize. Its user-friendly cashiering Front-end provides collection and Savings Bank transactions automation. In the Back-end the aggregation of revenue collections and transfer of that data to SmartStream for posting is automated. Its reporting features provides information and data used for monitoring and the reconciling transactions executed via the system and for management consumption. System authentication utilizes Microsoft authentication for the various roles available in GICS such as Cashiering, Supervision and Report Printing.